Finger Lime Tree: The Caviar Of Citrus

Finger lime tree

Finger limes are slowly being introduced into the culinary world, but quickly becoming chefs’ favorites. Finger limes are described as citrus caviar because the texture of the pulp resembles caviar. The pulp contains small round vesicles filled with juice that provide a burst of refreshing acidity and flavor with every bite. Growing a finger lime … Read more

Pink Lemonade Tree: Unusual Lemons You’ll Love

Pink lemonade tree

A pink lemonade tree is a perfect addition to the edible landscape. The variegated foliage makes them a beautiful ornamental plant with the bonus of a unique pink flesh lemon with a striped peel. The peel is striped green and yellow and changes to pink and yellow as it fully ripens. The pink lemonade tree … Read more

10 Lime Tree Varieties You Should Consider

Bearss Persian lime

There might be nothing out of the ordinary about a lime… at first glance. However, limes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and even colors! From the shocking red rind of the blood lime to the long tubular Australian finger lime oozing caviar looking spheres, lime tree varieties are a whole world … Read more