Lycoris Radiata: The Mystical Red Spider Lily

Lycoris radiata

Red spider lily Lycoris radiata has a bit of an ominous reputation. In Japan, it is believed to be a flower of the afterlife. They are planted at the tombs of ancestors, and believed to help guide a soul into their next incarnation. Spooky stories abound. So too do the myriad of names it’s known … Read more

Elephant Ear Plant: Care, Planting, and Growing Tips

If you were to Google the words “elephant ear,” you would find a range of images, from the delicious, doughy staple of fried fair fare to those enormous pachyderms in all their gray, wrinkly glory. As a gardener you will zoom in on pictures of large, green leaves that so cleverly resemble those flappy elephant … Read more