Grow an Epic Career

We’re always looking for talented teammates with a passion to effect change and help further our mission: teach the world to grow.

Who are we and what do we do?

“Epic Gardening was started because I wanted an outlet to reconnect to nature, but couldn’t find modern, practical guides to growing plants. I didn’t grow up as a gardener, and I didn’t want to scour through old university PDFs and ancient tomes to find growing advice…but it seemed that’s where all of the good information was”
As I fell more and more in love with gardening, I began to document my growing journey, initially on a blog, then a YouTube channel, then a podcast, with social media accounts following shortly thereafter.
As I continued to share my gardening adventures, I realized: this is a critical skill set that most of us on Earth have no idea how to do well.
Today, millions of people from every country on Earth have learned to grow their own food, care for houseplants, and prevent their plants from dying due to the educational content Epic Gardening publishes. On top of that, we now offer best-in-class gardening products designed to last, perform, and look gorgeous in your garden.

“Our mission is to teach the world to grow.
We hope you’ll join us.”

Kevin Espiritu
Founder, Epic Gardening

Team Testimonials

Jacques Lyakov, Creator & Research Lead
Kris Moriarty, Head of Customer Experience and Special Projects

Why our work matters?

The way our society and world at large is trending is unsustainable. We’ve evolved culturally and societally much faster than our biology. The activities and habits that kept us healthy and happy in ancient times still do, and yet few of us have any clue how to perform them.

We don’t just provide education: we seek to empower the everyday person with the knowledge and ability to produce their own food, care for plants and reconnect with nature.

Not in an esoteric sense, either – we find that when someone learns how to grow plants, that knowledge awakens a deeper passion for nature within them and ultimately deeper respect for the planet we live on.

Gardening allows us to reclaim some of that primal activity that we as humans find so fulfilling, but it also strengthens the ties to our local communities and neighbors. It improves our mental health – we’ve received many messages to date from members of the Epic Gardening community expressing that learning to grow food got them out of a depression. Some have even written us saying that learning to garden quite literally saved them from committing suicide.

The time we invest in gardening pays us back in more ways than we can imagine – for ourselves, for our friends and family, and for the world itself. That is why our work matters.

What’s it like to work at Epic Gardening?

Epic Gardening is a values-driven company. We make sure our values are direct, specific, and speak to the lenses through which our team views the world. We don’t just speak about our values, our team lives them with every decision we make.

Our values serve as a way to guide our action toward our north star: teach the world to grow.

Feel free to read through our culture document, which is an ever-evolving document that all team members are able to comment on and contribute to.


Our entire company is focused on education and growth. That includes our team members, too. Here are the benefits we offer on day one for all full-time positions:
Insurance Benefits
  • Health Insurance
  • Option to add spouse and dependents
Financial Benefits
  • On-time direct deposit pay
  • Retirement Plan
  • Results-based yearly bonus
  • Equity options, you will own a piece of Epic Gardening
  • Professional Development Reimbursement Program
Schedule Benefits
  • Paid Vacation and Sick Leave
  • Flexible schedule – we care about results, not hours

Freelance Positions

We’re always looking for passionate, talented garden writers. Fully remote, work at your own pace, and help put out best-in-class gardening content that helps our readers learn how to grow.

Open Positions