About Epic Gardening

At Epic Gardening, we blend science and nature and put that knowledge in the palm of your hand.

About Epic Gardening

Our Mission.

We want to help 10,000,000 people around the world learn how to grow plants.

We’ve got you covered

Since founding this website as a hobby in 2013, Epic Gardening has grown to reach millions of aspiring gardeners in over 100 countries around the world.
  • Grow your own food​
  • Stop killing your houseplants
  • Prevent garden pests, diseases, and problems
  • Learn creative gardening techniques like hydroponics, aquaponics, etc.

Our Team

Kevin Espiritu
As a self-taught gardener, Kevin has spent over a decade producing educational gardening content across YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, the Epic Gardening podcast, and the Epic Gardening website.
Lorin Nielsen
I never stop learning new things, which just strengthens my love of gardening. It’s a combination of artistry meeting science, paired with a whole lot of healthy exercise. What more could you need?
Kris Moriarty
Head Of Customer Experience
There is nothing more satisfying than going to pick fresh produce and eggs from your backyard and whipping up a delicious meal… and I love growing food for my family and neighbors, too!
Jacques Lyakov
Garden Hermit
I hope to help more people experience what it is like to eat out of their gardens daily! Epic Gardening allows me to teach others the experience of what homegrown produce really tastes like.
Sarah Jay
TX Master Naturalist
My goal in life is to empower readers of gardening and herbal publications to grow gracefully, practically, and efficiently so they can achieve desired results in their gardens.
Rachel Garcia
Succulent Fanatic
Rachel here! Even though my dad’s an avid gardener, I didn’t discover my love for it until I went to college. I took a landscape design course for an elective and was hooked – plants are amazing!
Ann McCarron
Succulent Fanatic
I love working outdoors with people and plants, so working freelance in community and therapeutic horticulture is a dream come true.
Huan Song
Sustainability Specialist
My love for gardening was inevitable having been raised by two grandmothers with epically green thumbs.
Kendra Meador
Writer & Herbalist
Gardening is important because it not only provides healthy food, it helps her connect to nature and care for the land.
Kaleigh Brillon
Writer & Plant Lover
It wasn’t until a plant biology class in my second year of college that I became obsessive about plants.
Ben Anderson
Environmental Horticulturalist
Growing food for yourself is such a powerful thing – we can all be gardeners and get our hands in some soil.
Kelli Klein
Pollinator Protector
My entire front yard is landscaped with native plants and wildflowers, and providing habitat for animals and food for pollinators is very important to me.
Hannah Madsen
Garden Enthusiast
Even though I still very much feel like a beginner, I am really passionate about helping other people learn about plants and how to grow their own food.
Jesse Snyder
Suburban Homesteader
My goal with gardening is to do everything as naturally and as sustainably as possible.
Elizabeth Cramer
Plant Lover
Elizabeth Cramer is a chef, plant lover, and potter. She loves teaching others how to cook and grow their own food.
Alicia Thompson
Indigenous Farmer
I identify as an Indigenous farmer from the Southwest, located on the dynamic Colorado Plateau.
Chelsea Fuss
Floral Designer & Gardener
As a lifelong gardener, flowers and plants are also the focus of my work as a photographer, writer, and creator.
Jillian Balli
Hello! I’m Jillian. I’ve always had a tremendous fascination with plants and nature.
Rebecca Hendricks
Master Gardener volunteer
One year, I decided to do some research to figure out how I could grow peppers on my apartment balcony, and it worked! I realized gardening is a skill you learn, not an innate talent you are born with.

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