Crabgrass: How To Get Rid Of This Weed For Good


Crabgrass can invade and conquer your lawn if you give it a chance. Little tufts of quick-growing wild grasses can create trip hazards, and it’ll spread like wildfire wherever there’s any open space. So what’s the best way to get rid of crabgrass? Is there a good crabgrass treatment? Today, I’ll tell you everything that … Read more

Creeping Charlie: How to Get Rid of Ground Ivy

Creeping Charlie

Although it has many beneficial uses, creeping charlie or ground ivy is most commonly viewed as a ground cover weed. Perhaps you’ve recently found yourself wondering how to kill or control it. Or perhaps your question is simply how to control creeping charlie without using chemicals? If creeping charlie flowers have taken over your yard … Read more

The 44 Most Invasive Plant Species in California

The 39 Most Invasive Plant Species in California

If you’re a gardener in California (or other states in the Pacific Northwest), chances are good you’ve had to battle one of these 39 invasive species. I personally can go on a quick canyon run and spot a handful right off of the bat. Following the great comments on my post about invasive species sold … Read more