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We have two podcasts: the Epic Gardening Podcast and In Search Of Soil! Here you can learn about these two truly Epic-level podcasts and how to get them into your podcast feed.

Both podcasts are jam-packed with useful information and gems of garden wisdom that you can use to fuel your own gardening exploits. Our hosts reach out to the best in the industry to do deep dives into everything from horticulture to soil science, sustainable practices to homesteading, and so much more. Let us provide you with some gardening insight that you can truly make good use of!

Epic Gardening Podcast

With each and every episode, the Epic Gardening podcast entertains, educates, and delights you on a facet of gardening or homesteading knowledge!

From simple topics like transplanting tomatoes to complex discussions delving into soil science or mycorrhizae, you’ll find a little of everything here. Experienced guests from the farming, gardening, or homesteading community often join Kevin Espiritu and crew to teach you the inner workings of their craft. This podcast is ideal for people at all levels — you don’t need to have a degree in botany or horticulture. But if you do, you’ll find the show just as engaging as a first-time gardener will!

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In Search Of Soil Podcast

Explore the mysteries of soil in search of answers that you can use in your garden or on your farm. Each week features host Diego Footer and a variety of soil scientists and experts sharing their insights into topics like soil science, composting, cover cropping, biochar, no-till, and fungi, among other things!

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